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Logistics & water management: solutions that limit our reliance on weather influences.

Published by CODEMA, 11 February 2021

How do CODEMA’s logistics specialist Roeland van Dijk and water management expert Danny van den Bosch see the demand for horticultural systems change? In a interesting article, they share their vision of future developments in horticulture. Roeland from a broad perspective of logistics solutions and Danny from his years of accumulated knowledge in the field of water management.

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Logistics systems central to complete high-tech cultivation systems

In the coming years, the market will continue to ask for solutions that limit our reliance on weather influences. Or with which we produce enough food on a limited surface to feed pressure or water-poor area.

Both greenhouse horticulture and multi-layer cultivation are good, practical and efficient systems that ensure control of the reliability of growing conditions. CODEMA, in close collaboration with its international partners, provides complete solutions worldwide that enable this reliable production.

Roeland van Dijk – specialist Cultivation Systems

Working on optimal water management all over the world

Danny van den Bosch sees opportunities in Western Europe, where horticulture is the most advanced. But also in water-poor areas such as California. Even in traditionally poor areas most affected by food shortages. “I like nothing more than to visit customers and discuss their challenges with them. Based on a flow diagram containing all elements, we discuss in clear language how the system will function. That way we quickly get to the surface where CODEMA can add value. ”

Horticulture is far ahead in the West European countries compared to the rest of the world. We therefore speak of a high-tech cultivation environment. Here, for example, they are engaged in advanced, as much as possible closed, growth systems where no drop of water has to be lost. Unprecedented efficiency is achieved through underground water storage, a mobile gutter system and the latest fertigation techniques.

Danny van den Bosch – specialist Water Management

Whitepaper Future


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