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Medicinal cannabis

Codema has been supplying technology to medicinal cannabis growers for more than 15 years. In the last number of years we are involved in increasing number of medicinal and legalized Cannabis projects in both Canada and the US. We believe in our contribution to creating a healthier and more sustainable world for future generations. That is why we develop horticultural solutions for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. A crop that ensures that people who benefit from it can lead a better life.

Custom-made solutions ensure the best results

Codema designs, develops and delivers custom-made solutions from different disciplines for medical cannabis cultivation. With our knowledge of indoor and greenhouse growing we have incorporated cultivation systems, environmental control, Co2 distribution, computer controlled fertigation, water disinfection, water storage, Reverse Osmosis systems, and recirculation in all types of facilities.  Our systems meet the strict requirements that characterize this cultivation. Cannabis is grown on all kinds of substrates in combination with ebb and flow floors or NFT systems. Also, various air distribution methods are used in the greenhouse.  We are able to adapt our cultivation and water management systems in order to achieve the best cultivation results.


High hygiene standards

Codema’s water systems are especially used in the cultivation of cannabis of which medicinal oil is made. The concentration of CBD and THC in this oil is important. In order to keep the concentration of CBD and THC at a high constant level, hygiene is of great importance. Thus medicinal cannabis may not contain pesticides, heavy metals, fungi or bacteria. This is strictly controlled. The containers are therefore properly disinfected before reuse. These disinfection units use steam or disinfectant. Codema places disinfection units as part of your cultivation system. In addition, we design, develop and install pumps, water and fertilizer feeding units and drip systems for our medicinal cannabis customers.




Smart robots ensure fast and efficient logistics

In the world of cannabis, a great deal of importance is attached to the uniformity of the cultivation. Automation is an excellent solution for this. Robots automatically ensure an even distribution of plants. Our robots automatically place the cannabis plants on the container. The containers are moved automatically within the greenhouse and to the work area. This helps to minimize labor costs.



  • Custom-made cultivation systems and water solutions that satisfy the strict requirements
  • Water management solutions that satisfy high hygiene standards
  • Robots automatically ensure an even distribution of plants
  • Automatic container transfers ensure low labor costs


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