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Overhead sprinkler systems

A raining system or overhead sprinklers are mainly used for crops that tolerate wet foliage and that need small and frequent watering.  We use an advanced computer modeling system to design the installation of raining systems. The pipes are installed above the plants at an optimum height depending on your greenhouse design and the plant requirements. Spraying nozzles with varying spray ranges are mounted on the overhead pipe at regular intervals to achieve uniform distribution of water and fertilizer for all the plants.


Highly efficiënt irrigation

We design the installation in such a way that all the plants are irrigated uniformly and in the most efficiënt manner. For example, vulnerable crops such as young plants require an installation design with a higher uniformity than less critical and winter-hardy plants such as certain ornamental plants.



  • Smart design of installation
  • Efficient and controlled distribution of water and fertilizers
  • Suitable for plants needing small and frequent watering

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