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Codema Vision Systems (Grading and Sorting)

During the last 15 years, SDF installed about 100 high-quality vision systems at horticulture companies. Most of these systems are used to sort potted plants. With the vision system, the plants can be ranked on many different features. With this ranking possibility, the plants can be sorted at different times during cultivation.

During the hoard and spacing, plants with equal size and growth forecast will be brought together so that homogeneous parts for delivery arise.

At the end of cultivation, the plants are sorted for delivery. The plants can then be ranked on size, quality, color and degree of maturity.

Depending on the type of plant, the following functions can be used:

  • Determining the height, width, and diameter of the plant
  • Determining how high the plant is when packed
  • Determining leaf surface
  • Determining leaf volume
  • Determining the thickness of the plant
  • Counting of buds and flowers
  • Determining color and maturity of the buds and flowers
  • Determining the shape and symmetry of the plant



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