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Codema Virtual Marketplaces

SDF Virtual Marketplaces (VMP)

Nowadays more and more flower and plant growers want to sell their products directly to trading companies. Digital links are commonly used on platforms, such as Floramondo and direct links with wholesalers.

As a grower, you now fill in the product offer on different platform yourself. This is very tricky with keeping track (on the accuracy) of your stock. If you have 100 casks in stock and in case 20 of the casks are being bought in one market place, this should be transparent for the buyers on the other market place.

New situation

In the new situation, it will go as follows. SDF Virtual Marketplaces communicates for you with the different market places, traders and webshops.  The stock number will decline for everyone when an order is being placed in one of the channels. The orders are automatically being forwarded to your EAW Package. From now on, you can feel confident about your offer placement without having the risk that you will sell more than you have available.

Virtual Marketplaces benefits

  • You have a direct connection with trading partners(offer is immediately visible in the system of the trade company where you are connected to)
  • Applicable on Floramondo: SDF will forward your offer to the various online marketplaces. You no longer have to log in. You can copy your offer from one to another marketplace.
  • One central stock from which the offer is sold to the various market places and trading companies. You will never sell more than you have available. It counts real-time what is sold.
  • You can limit the number of orders. This ensures you that new types of products or limited editions (small batches) cannot be bought up directly by one large customer, but that several buyers have the chance to buy a limited amount of that type of product.
  • A stable pricing
  • Time savings and less errors by automatically filled in orders (orders are directly posted via Virtual Marketplaces to the EAW package, this saves a lot of data entry).

With this package, you can not only manage your product offer centrally, you can also receive your orders digital. You are saving yourself a lot of time, you can offer your entire product offer everywhere, without having the risk that you will sell more than you have available.

Doing business real-time 

Possible real-time connections


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