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Published by CODEMA, 1 July 2020

From 1 July 2020, our Dutch operating companies, called HAWE, WEVAB, SDF and B-E De Lier, all bear the name Codema Nederland bv. Shortly thereafter Codema Belgium bv and Codema Deutschland GmbH follow.

Total supplier of horticultural solutions

Since 1958, CODEMA has provided essential custom-made horticulture solutions. At the time, as HAWE, we were taking the first steps to improve internal logistics in greenhouses with container tables. With the successful acquisitions of aluminum manufacturer WEVAB, software supplier SDF and specialist in water and process automation B-E De Lier, a total supplier of horticultural solutions was created in 2011. Recognizable from 1 July 2020 as one supplier of total horticultural solutionsCODEMA.

One name for recognisability

One brand name ensures recognisability and clarity. We are only making a name change. Other information, such as address and bank details, does not change. In addition, a number of e-mail addresses will change. All email addresses will from now end at … @ codemasystemsgroup.com. We will use the coming period to adjust our communication expressions.

Codema Nederland bv, Codema Belgium bv and Codema Deutschland GmbH belong to Codema Systems Group bv.

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