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Langemead Group

Mr. Langmead, Spain 2014, UK 2015

Spain 12.000m2
UK 27.000m2

The Langmead Group supplies leading UK and Spanish retailers with a wide range of cut, bunched and potted fresh herbs. Entering the herb market in 2012, they built on a long history and expertise in innovation, growing, packing and supply of fresh produce to reinvigorate the herb category. From supplying under a million packs of cut herbs in its first year, they now supply more than 40 million packs to retailers across the UK and Spain. Their potted herbs are grown in a state of the art 2.7 hectare dedicated facility in West Sussex. Completed in 2015, it is the UK’s first automated glasshouse growing facility and is matched by their glasshouse facility in Spain, which further builds their capability for year round potted and cut herbs.

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