CODEMA measures as a result of COVID-19. Read more >


Efficient water management is crucial for the future of world food production

‘After a good conversation, I know, almost exactly what a customer needs.’ As the face of CODEMA’s Water Management division, Danny van den Bosch helps customers to take their water and electrical engineering to the next level.
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CODEMA’s China team shows great adaptability during the Coronacrisis

Shortly after CODEMA opened its new office in Beijing last November 2019, the Coronavirus started to have a huge impact on daily life in China and on the life of our colleagues in China. This video shows their adapted work activities during the first quarter of this year.
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Strategy horticultural specialist CODEMA focuses on global food production

Why is CODEMA's focus in the coming years on providing critical cultivation systems for food production? We will talk to CODEMA's CEO Marcel Koolen and discuss how the horticultural market is changing and what this requires from CODEMA.
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How China slowly recovers from COVID-19

Spring is blooming and the economy in China is starting again after Covid-19. Due to the impact of the virus, all walks of life have ushered in unprecedented challenges. During the two-month stagnation in China, many companies in the industry and our own business have suffered a lot.
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CODEMA measures as a result of COVID-19

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CODEMA appoints three new Salespeople to bring its solid market position to the next level

On March 1, 2020, CODEMA welcomes two new Accountmanagers and a new Commercial Representative APAC. Martijn Egberts is the new Accountmanager Software, Remco Meewisse is appointed as Accountmanager Water solutions and Amanda Liu is Commercial Representative APAC.
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Opening night of Codema China Office

2019 has been a very busy year for our China team. Many developments have been going on, with a unique highlight on 17 November 2019..
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