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Codema celebrates 10 years in China at Horti China on nov. 21st – 23rd

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Interview with CannaInsider; the global number 1 Podcast about cannabis cultivation

CannaInsider is the global number 1 Podcast about cannabis cultivation. Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider interviews the leading voices in the cannabis industry. Codema's Salesmanager Lars Meijer has recently been interviewed by Matthew Kind.
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Masterclass: Chance or air castle?

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Last quarter 2018 exhibitions

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Custom-made water cars for quick and safe transport of cut flowers

Cut flower companies with multiple production locations often choose to have the sorting and processing take place at one central location. To ensure that logistics flows between locations run as quickly and efficiently as possible, Codema has developed special water cars.
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New partner Nordian Capital helps realize ambitions

Codema ready for further growth and internationalization.
The worldwide need for efficient and high-quality horticulture solutions is growing rapidly. Codema Systems Group foresees major opportunities for the near future: the business wants to achieve significant national and international growth.
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Codema joins as a partner of information and education center Tomatoworld in Honselersdijk

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