Codema offers efficiency and scalability in vertical farming

Does vertical farming provide the perfect solution for the increasing demand for healthy food? Codema is developing an automatic, modular system for this new way of indoor farming.
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Codema innovates in food cultivation with a mobile gutter system

Codema innovates in food cultivation with mobile gutter systems, which offers food grower savings on water and labor. Accountmanager Cultivation Systems; Roeland van Dijk is working on a new modular mobile gutter system.

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Watch the video of the impressive project for the Chinese company Zhongnong Futong

The Chinese horticultural market is developing at a rapid pace and is increasingly adopting Dutch technology. This video shows the cooperation with Viscon and Hoogendoorn in the project for the Chinese greenhouse company Futong, located in Xingtai city, in the northern Hebei province.
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Medicinal cannabis greenhouse: ready for production

Since medicinal cannabis is legalized in more and more countries, Codema is seen as one of the leaders within the Dutch horticulture, involved in a growing number of international medicinal cannabis projects. But how is a greenhouse prepared and set up before it is ready for production?

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Costa PCA Conference 2019

Codema will join the Costa PCA Conference 2019, to be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland from Sunday the 7th to Wednesday the 10th of July. The Conference provides an excellent knowledge exchange for greenhouse growers. The theme of this year: ''Seduction by technology''
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Specialized knowledge and expertise determines the success of a medical cannabis project

In this market, there is currently a race to be the first to produce medicinal cannabis on a large scale and to make sure that the promised returns can be achieved. Dave van Schip is responsible for getting various cannabis greenhouses ready for production on time throughout the world.
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Pilot who became a medical cannabis specialist

How does an airline pilot become the top specialist in the field of medical cannabis? A few years ago, Codema took its first steps in the new market for medical cannabis and looked for an account manager who would quickly make this market their own.
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