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New registration system SDF Verifice; efficient and reliable

Published by CODEMA, 10 May 2017

Codema SDF developed a new labor registration system; SDF Verifice. Thanks to the cooperation with employment agency Van Koppen & Van Eijk, Codema SDF was able to develop practice-oriented. SDF Verifice is a cloud-based solution based on a fingerprint for registering and verifying hours. All data is collected safely in a cloud and is easily and quickly accessible at any time of the day. Thanks to the many possibilities that this system offers, companies can not only register worked hours, but also book times by location, by job, by action, and by work order. Trading company Quality Queen from Maasdijk has enthusiastically started with SDF Verifice. The 80 to 150 employees and temporary workers of Quality Queen now register their worked hours with this system.

Functioning hardware SDF Verifice
The Verifice hardware consists of consoles that are equipped with fingerprint scanners. The boxes can communicate real-time with the central system via Wi-Fi, LAN, and 3G. Even without a connection, anyone can continue to log in, synchronization with SDF Verifice will take place later. A short animation about SDF Verifice:



SDF Verifice in practice
For Operational Manager Gerrit Roest, SDF Verifice proved to be the solution for a quick and correct registration of hours. “Since SDF Verifice links the hours worked to work orders in real-time, I can always see what the costs of labor are of a work order. That is why I already know, while the people are busy, whether we can realize the budgets, and make timely adjustments or not. Also, the check-up of the worked hours is clear and simple “, said Gerrit Roest.

Business processes are more transparent and reliable with SDF Verifice
Peter Voskamp from Van Koppen & Van Eijk about SDF Verifice: “The new system that we put in the market together with Codema SDF, saves me an hour a day. The hours that are registered by Quality Queen will automatically end up in our payroll system. This makes it possible for me to quickly calculate the hours of my temporary workers in a reliable way.

Thanks to the solid procedures of SDF Verifice, I can serve my customers in a better way. The hours I calculate to my customers always match what the customer expects. We also know exactly who worked, thanks to the fingerprint scanner. Now, it is impossible that a temporary worker uses the tag of someone else. Previously, this was still sometimes the case. Thanks to SDF Verifice, we make our business process more transparent. With this system, we are ready for the future.

Flexible billing system
Thomas Wennekers (Codema SDF): “In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, SDF Verifice is also very flexible. Moreover, Quality Queen now has the ability to register other temporary workers then just the ones of Van Koppen & Van Eijk. This is the same with own staff. Thanks to the secure cloud environment, everyone has insight into his own part, which means that competition-sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Thanks to the simple set-up, we, Codema SDF, managed to put this system into the market at a competitive price. So, you save both time and investment costs.

For more information, please contact Codema SDF

Thomas Wennekers

M: +316 11 39 34 32

E: twennekers@sdf.nl

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