CODEMA has a summer closure from the 27th of July until 7th of August. Offices and warehouses are closed during this period. Service departments remain available for urgent malfunctions. We are happy to be of service again from Monday the 10th of August. We wish you a happy summer holiday!


Developing horticultural expertise worldwide

How does the Dutch specialist in horticultural solutions ensure that the same high-quality customization is provided worldwide? CODEMA's COO tries to standardize processes and components as much as possible while remaining room for customization. Though still maintaining people at the centre.
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From 1 July 2020, our Dutch operating companies, called HAWE, WEVAB, SDF and B-E De Lier, all bear the name Codema Nederland bv. Shortly thereafter Codema Belgium bv and Codema Deutschland GmbH follow.
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Robert-Jan de Goeij – new commercial director (CCO) CODEMA “CODEMA is a great company”

Recently Robert-Jan de Goeij joined as commercial director (CCO) and shareholder to the management of CODEMA. The total supplier of essential horticultural solutions was not unknown to De Goeij.
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Change of management CODEMA

It has been decided that CODEMA enters the future without commercial director Gideon de Jager.
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Efficient water management is crucial for the future of world food production

‘After a good conversation, I know, almost exactly what a customer needs.’ As the face of CODEMA’s Water Management division, Danny van den Bosch helps customers to take their water and electrical engineering to the next level.
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CODEMA’s China team shows great adaptability during the Coronacrisis

Shortly after CODEMA opened its new office in Beijing last November 2019, the Coronavirus started to have a huge impact on daily life in China and on the life of our colleagues in China. This video shows their adapted work activities during the first quarter of this year.
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Strategy horticultural specialist CODEMA focuses on global food production

Why is CODEMA's focus in the coming years on providing critical cultivation systems for food production? We will talk to CODEMA's CEO Marcel Koolen and discuss how the horticultural market is changing and what this requires from CODEMA.
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