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Water Management

Water Management

‘’Sustainable and responsible irrigation’’

‘’ Integrating water elements and nutritional aspects is a key element of our vision. With having our own specialists, it is standard practice for us to continually translate new cultivation aspects into changes in water engineering’’

Water and fertilizers are essential to the growth of your crop. However, these resources are becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. Modern horticulture has various possibilities for saving water and fertilizers. For example, recirculation of drain water reduces consumption up to 70%. With sustainable irrigation solutions from Codema, you can regulate the irrigation in your greenhouse and in your open field in a targeted manner. In combination with a process computer we can precisely coordinate the dosage of various water sources such as rainwater, well water and drain water with the demands of the crop. Wherever possible, we can also regulate the complete recirculation and disinfection of drain water. In combination with advanced software we can anticipate the changing conditions pro-actively.


You want to be able to administer the correct quantities of nutrients to achieve growth. Whatever the needs of your crops, the fertigation must be flexible and straightforward, because you want to use sophisticated dosing of liquid and solid fertilisers. Codema controls this with stable EC and pH; at the correct pH the plants absorb the fertilisers efficiently, and a stable EC ensures better growth in the glasshouse and a longer shelf-life in the supply chain.

With Codemas sophisticated írrigation systems you can even have the plant itself determine the time at which watering takes place: the result, a healthy root system with a higher yield.

Essentially, watering that is tuned to the circumstances, the state of the crop and the type of substrate.


Would you like to save water by recirculating longer and still grow an even healthier crop? Save on fertilizers at the same time? Several Codema systems disinfect the drain water.

Codema’s irrigation systems allows you to create a closed-loop system for healthy growth. Naturally, this system can be expanded with other Codema systems. Examples of this are climate control, process management, crop and harvest registration and analysis, labour registration and analysis and management information.

Water technology

We have built a strong reputation for its unmatched strength in designing, engineering and installation of irrigation systems. We have been customizing the design of irrigation systems for growing pot plants, cut flowers, vegetables, chicory in water, young plants and seedlings etc for both greenhouse and open field cultivation. The irrigation solutions offered by us are mainly:

•  Dripping Systems

•  Ebb-Flow Systems

•  Raining Sprinklers Systems

•  Misting & Fogging Systems

•  NFT Systems

•  Water Storage Tanks

•  Drip irrigation systems

•  Overhead sprinkler systems


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