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Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Codema begins each project with a well-thought-out design. This is inseparable from the development, engineering and construction of our custom-made horticulture solutions. We leave no room for surprises. Our engineers are professionally educated to make your demands come to life. Together with their colleagues, they build rock-solid parts of big solutions.


Every detail first comes to life in 3D-animations. The next step in this process is the development and fine-tuning of our custom-made horticulture solution. When the modelling and testing is done, our field team begins the construction of your solution at your facility. Every detail is recorded in the project file which is used for maintenance and any desired adjustments in the future. In this way our design-develop-deliver method is an on-going model.

Engineering & Construction Services:

• 3D Modelling

• Equipment Construction

• On-site Construction Team

• Testing Facility

Water cars
Display Products
Equipment Construction
3D Modeling

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