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Cultivation Systems

Cultivation Systems

Cultivation is the core of your operation. Codema designs, develops and delivers cultivation systems for the growers of today and tomorrow, including substrate cultivation, hydroponics, tables and containers, multi-layer cultivation and internal transport systems. Each product can be used individually or installed as part of a connected system layout.

Logistics are extremely important for increasing production, cost savings, improvement of working conditions and the quality perception of your crops. Logistics also depend on an operating system, which comprises three components: electricity, hardware and software. The operating system provides fast and clear insight in the total nursery cultivation process. It enables you to anticipate cultivation, processing, purchasing, sales and market developments, flexibly and efficiently.

Various Solutions

We thoroughly understand the needs of the crops and the demands of the grower and hence offer the most suitable and customized solutions for each of our clients. Our solutions use a wide range of manual or mechanized processes (mechanization) to flexible automation processes (robotics) or a combination of both to support different types of operations in a typical greenhouse. We ensure that the right kind of technology and process are selected for each of our client to ensure economic viability on a long run.

We can offer you the following logistic solutions:

  • Manual Mechanized Solutions
  • Semi Automatic Solutions
  • Full Automatic solutions

The core value of our solutions

  • Less energy usage
  • Less labor costs
  • Less error rate
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Higher Yield

Medicinal cannabis
Water cars
Transport & Logistic Systems
Multi-layer Cultivation
Benching & Container Cultivation
Mobile gutter system
Substrate Cultivation
Ebb-Flow Systems

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