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Two truths about legal large-scale cannabis cultivation

Veröffentlicht von CODEMA, 31 Mai 2018

There is a lot of discussion going on about cannabis cultivation and many different opinions exist on the topic. Two facts stand out: (1) The cultivation is booming in Canada and in some American states, and (2) the ideal cultivation systems have not been established yet.

Something for everyone

Lars Meijer is account manager Cultivation Systems at Codema. He is mainly concerned with cannabis-related questions. And there are many questions. Cannabis is grown on all kinds of substrate, on ebb and flow floors, NFT systems and with various air distribution methods in the greenhouse. Lars: „Investors and growers are looking for the best cultivation method, so everyone has their preference, and we adapt our systems to them. We can use our cultivation systems in every type of greenhouse. We adapt our advice to the wishes of the customer. In addition to the systems, we also adapt our containers, which is necessary to achieve good crop results.“


Codema’s water management solutions meet high hygiene requirements

Codema’s systems are mainly used for cannabis cultivation, which mainly produces oil. This oil is intended for medicinal purposes, and therefore the concentration of CBD and THC is important. Hygiene is important in order to keep this concentration constant. The containers are thoroughly disinfected with steam and, if desired, disinfectants. Codema installs disinfection units as part of their cultivation system.


Smart robots ensure uniform cultivation and minimal labor costs

Lars Meijer: „In the cannabis world, a great deal of value is attached to uniformity of cultivation, for which automation is a great solution.“ Overhead cranes automatically move containers within the greenhouse and into the workspace, which saves a lot of labor.“ A robot automatically places the cannabis plants on the container. Thanks to the special fork and programs in the robot, these can automatically realize evenly distributed  plant layouts. This also ensures plant uniformity.






Case: Gipmans Planten

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