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Codema SDF launches handy web shop app

Published by CODEMA, 28 February 2019

Codema SDF launches a new web shop app that merchants and growers can use to give their sales an extra boost. They can use the new app to promote products and make customized offers to buyers.

Sharing products via WhatsApp

The buyer only sees products available to them with the prices that apply to them in the app. That makes buying very easy. The web shop app works on both mobile phone and tablet. The share function in the web shop makes it possible to share interesting products with customers. Sharing is possible on PC, tablet or mobile phone using WhatsApp. Product lists can also be downloaded in Excel. The app gives merchants and growers complete insight into their customers’ purchasing and clicking behavior. This enables them to see directly how they can serve their buyers better.


Buying is clearly organized and fast

Account manager Pieter Zwinkels on the new App: “To stand out among all the digital clutter in the ornamental plant sector, it is very important for growers and buyers to choose the right path. As a grower, you don’t currently have your own storefront. If you work with digital links (VMP and Quotes), buyers filter the selection for the products they are interested in, which means they cannot see new or other product lines. With the web shop, merchants and growers have complete control over everything. Now they can draw attention to the whole product range and monitor what products customers are interested in. The new App from Codema SDF increases the findability of the product range and makes buying using mobile phone clearly organized and fast.”



Seamless integration with current systems

The web shop is completely compatible with VMP (Floricode protocol), enabling merchants or growers to place the product range from their current system on the web shop. It is also possible to send a message to the buyer to confirm their purchase. The buyer can receive the shipments purchased in their system immediately by means of an Electronic Clock Transaction.

The advantages include:

  • Giving sales a boost
  • Increasing visibility of the product range
  • Making buying easier
  • Sharing products with customers via PC, mobile and tablet
  • Insight into customers by analyzing purchasing and clicking behavior

 The new web shop app from Codema SDF is now free for download in the Google Play store at the link below:


login: demo

password: demo

The web shop app from Codema SDF will soon also be available in the App Store.

Do you want your own web shop? If so, please contact Codema SDF about the possibilities. Call: +31(0)6-12667035, email to: pzwinkels@sdf.nl



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