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CODEMA’s China team shows great adaptability during the Coronacrisis

Published by CODEMA, 16 April 2020

Shortly after CODEMA opened its new office in Beijing last November 2019, the Coronavirus started to have a huge impact on daily life in China and on the life of our colleagues in China. This video shows their adapted work activities during the first quarter of this year.


Supervise key projects in safe areas from a distance

Just before the Corona pandemic broke out, the Codema China team celebrated Chinese New Year with their partner in Guangxi. During the Corona outbreak, the CODEMA team stayed in close contact with its Chinese customers and friends. Just Roos, CODEMA’s Dutchman in China, decided not to return to the Netherlands and continued to look for solutions together with the local team. The local team on-site, in cooperation with the headquarters in the Netherlands, found ways to supervise key projects in safe areas from a distance.


Videocall technical

Team and partner training

While the team took the necessary safety measures, CODEMA continued to build sustainable projects. Meanwhile, challenges were turned into opportunities. CODEMA trained both the team as well as its partners, and finally made dealerships official. In the rest of the world, Codema continues to promote sustainable horticultural projects and develop custom-made horticultural solutions.




Lighting of Chinese partner in Belgium project

In Belgium CODEMA started a 10ha high-tech tomato project for which it integrates the full irrigation, climate, and lighting solution. Unique about this project is the hybrid lighting solution. CODEMA combined Signify’s newest LED technology with HPS lighting from its Beijing partner and neighbor Megaphoton.



Help for badly hit growers

CODEMA started a flower promotion in China and joined several in the Netherlands to give heart to the badly hit growers around the world. Furthermore, CODEMA found protective materials in Australia, and urgently donated these to a hospital in need.

As CODEMA always says: “Your world is our world. We share the same planet, and we want to protect her together.” Now that China is returning to normal, we will focus on finding solutions back home.

Let hope bloom!



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