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CODEMA achieves certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder

Published by CODEMA, 6 November 2020

CODEMA recently received the CO2-conscious certificate for achieving level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. It makes the company one of the first companies in the horticultural sector who gets this certificate. CODEMA shows that it actively works to reduce CO2.

Together with customers, partners and employees, CODEMA wants to exploit the possibilities for CO2 and energy reduction and thereby reduce CO2 emissions and energy use. CODEMA is proud of the achieved certification! Reducing CO2 and energy use is part of responsible business operations. CODEMA, as a total supplier of horticultural solutions, is socially involved contributing to our global climate challenge. At CODEMA we find it normal that you do everything you can to have the least negative impact on the planet. We believe in our contribution to creating a more sustainable world for future generations. Climate-neutral entrepreneurship contributes to this. Our position on the CO2 Performance Ladder of the Foundation for Climate Friendly Contracting and Entrepreneurship (SKAO) is a derivative of this.

Climate-neutral business

CODEMA sets an ambitious goal when it comes to CO2 and energy reduction: completely CO2 neutral. To achieve this, we developed a structured plan to measure, reduce and compensate for CO2 emissions and energy consumption. CODEMA’s 2019 footprint with scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions indicates 2,140 tons of own CO2 emissions.  Each year, CODEMA carries out the same measurement and compares the footprint with previous years. In this way, we can monitor emissions, and we are sending measures to reduce CO2 emissions and make business operations more sustainable.

Understanding, reducing and compensating

CODEMA takes several measures to reduce its footprint. We consider whether we can make better choices. Such as opting for green power, solar panels, limiting flight movements and a hybrid fleet. Good business decisions that are better for our planet. Climate neutral business is also important to our investor Nordian Capital. Nordian’s entire investment portfolio compensates for all its emissions through certified contracts with the Land Life Company. This foundation is committed to the reforestation of 2 billion hectares of land around the world.


CO2 Performance Ladder

A CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that helps organizations like CODEMA to reduce their CO2 emissions in their organization, projects and business. It provides insight into the different energy flows and the footprint. It encourages CODEMA to develop ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions and energy use. Also, they are participating in an initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and energy use. The CO2 Performance Ladder was developed in 2009 by ProRail and since 2011 in ownership and management of the Climate Friendly Contracting Foundation (SKAO).

Project leader Gijs Termeer of SKAO: “SKAO congratulates Codema Systems Group on achieving level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The organization shows decisiveness through its innovative and sustainable business operations. In addition to CODEMA, more and more companies are endorsing the added value of this instrument. The CO2 Performance Ladder is the businessstandard instrument for a sustainable green economy.”

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