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Fertilizer dosing units

You want to be able to administer the right amounts of nutrients to your crop. With our dosing units you can fully control the fertilizer dosage, taking into account a stable EC and pH. With the right pH, the plants absorb the fertilizers efficiently. A stable EC ensures better growth in the greenhouse and a longer shelf life in the supply chain.


A healthy root system

With our custom-made irrigation systems you can even have the plant itself determine the time at which watering takes place. The dosing is tuned to the circumstances, the state of the crop and the type of substrate. This results in a healthy root system and an excellent growth of your crops.



  • Efficiënt absorption of fertilizers
  • Longer shelf-life in supply chain
  • Healthy root system
  • Excellent growth of the crops


Dai Chi – 戴池

Dai Chi – 戴池

Service Engineer - 服务工程师
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Water Management

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