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Video: hi-tech agricultural facilities at Zhongnong Futong

Published by CODEMA, 16 July 2019

The Chinese horticultural market is developing at a rapid pace and is increasingly adopting Dutch technology. This video shows the cooperation with Viscon and Hoogendoorn in the project for the Chinese greenhouse company Futong, located in Xingtai city, in the northern Hebei province.

Pioneer Zhongnong Futong

As a pioneer in modern agriculture, Zhongnong Futong adopts advanced production facilities, to produce products with a high output, endurable storage and transportation, and a better taste.  We actively explore the agricultural development model, committing to agricultural planning, agricultural park construction, planting service, agricultural park trusteeship, and whole industry chain services for the production and sale of agri-products.


Futong project

不仅能够提高作物的产量和质量 更有助于节约用水和能源 降低运营和人力成本 from Codema Systems Group on Vimeo.


Efficient auto-system

Hoogendoorn mainly does auto-control of greenhouse settings, such as environmental conditions and irrigation. They work all at a glance. The central controller is based on the settings to control corresponding devices to work. Water and fertilizer integration technology adopted in this project mainly consists of two parts. One is a 10-hectare drip irrigation system for the production of vegetables. Another is a 1-hectare tidal irrigation seedling system. These two systems are combined with UV disinfection system, ensuring water reuse. Our seeding line has three main characteristics. One is high precision and high efficiency. Another is intelligence. Our system contains the initial-stage planting frame, to the later-period grading, weighing, and attaching a label, and to the final-stage industrial cleaning. It is very efficient. All is done by the auto-system.


Codema irrigation


Food safety

The most important thing in modern agriculture is food safety. For daily consumptions, like tomatoes and cucumbers, we have a complete set of tracking systems. Therefore, we guarantee every consumer’s product is safe and reliable. For example, in coconut or rock wool, we solved some soil-borne diseases. The whole production process adopts ecological control. Undoubtedly, we can reach the green standard. Codema’s irrigation system not only increases crop yield and quality but also helps in saving water and energy, reducing operational costs and labor costs.


Increased output and product quality

Greenhouse facilities are the future direction of agriculture, Zhongnong Futong. Greenhouse automation saves manpower. Its high control accuracy increases the output and quality of the product. We are committed to changing the way agriculture works and realize sustainable development to bring better service to our customers in the future. We will gather world-class agricultural talents and build an excellent international promotion platform to save energy and manpower to make contributions to our society.




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