Press statement Codema Systems Group bv

May 3, 2022

Today, the Rotterdam court has declared the bankruptcy of Codema Systems Group bv. The 140 employees, experts in the field of design, supply, installation, service and mainte-nance of customer-specific horticultural solutions, were informed about the bankruptcy today.
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Automatic vehicle drives up and down daily for years – quality proves itself

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The shuttle: beautiful piece of technology dynamically shown

Service & maintenance is part of our services. Our technician Rob Overdevest at Vilosa recently performed a PLC optimization on the shuttle robot to make it move continuously without interference. Last year we installed the shuttle at this plant nursery.
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Biodegradable cutting and seed plug Growcoon extremely suitable for CMGS system

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Logistics & water management: solutions that limit our reliance on weather influences.

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Demand for horticultural solutions changes

Investing, experimenting and collaborating in a changing market for horticultural solutions. How do you respond to the increasing demand for complete cultivation systems with knowledge and technology and contribute to efficient ornamental, food and herb cultivation?
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Gipmans Planten operates large ozone disinfectant

CODEMA took care of the entire installation and use of this extensive ozone disinfectant at Gipmans Planten.
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