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Smit Kwekerijen automates order process with Codema

Many nurseries are finding that their ordering process is becoming increasingly complex. Two factors behind this are the scaling-up of the nursery (accompanied by a growing number of departments and locations) and the increasing number of order lines (more electronic orders result in more order lines). In collaboration with Codema SDF, Smit Kwekerijen has started using web screens to maintain an overview.

Web screens show order status

At Smit Kwekerijen, which has eight cultivation locations and more than twenty packing places, it is important to have an overview. That is why they started working with web screens, in collaboration with Codema SDF. Web screens are websites for internal use, which in this case show the orders to be packed.



Using these web screens, a status can be assigned to the order for each step of the packing process and order documents (pick list, packing slip, cart sticker and customer labels) can be generated at the right times. Accordingly, everyone knows where he or she stands, and even at the busiest moments everything runs smoothly on the work floor.


Work more manageable

Assistant team leader Marijke, who is very positive about the new approach, said, “My work has become more manageable and more enjoyable. The SDF web screen shows me exactly what I need to pack.”

“Printing the packing slip takes nothing more than a touch of the web screen. When I want to print the customer labels, they roll out of the printer with one click. Color indications show me which steps in the process I’ve already completed and which I still have to do.”

“When I’m done with an order, I scan the packing slip. Then the order line is automatically cleared from my screen and the order appears in logistics. They prepare the order for transport and print the auction slip.”


Higher customer satisfaction and better service

Tymen (manager order & sales planning) said, “Thanks to this solution, I have more insight into the delivery times that we can communicate to our customers. This ensures greater customer satisfaction and better service. The collaboration between Smit Kwekerijen and Codema SDF is now really starting to yield results.”

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