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Pioneering in Southern China: State of the art young plant nursery to supply the region with healthy vegetable seedlings

In Tiandong County, a beautiful place located in the Guangxi province, Mr Luo and Professor Yu of the Guangxi University of Agricultural Sciences, shared one ambitious goal: to provide the population with high quality and healthy produce. They were looking for an advanced and clean solution to grow the perfect young plant. Therefore, the local company and University joined forces to find a strong party to realize their goal.

Kick-off at IPM 2017 in Shanghai

Mr Luo and Professor Yu’s journey started about three years ago at the IPM in Shanghai. Because, where else is a better place as the IPM to get all the support you need from the world of modern horticulture? At the IPM they found CODEMA, who in close cooperation with Ridder and local greenhouse builder Trinog from Xiamen, realized their goal in the shape of a three hectares high-tech project. The project is now in its final stage and aims to provide growers in the South of China with the highest quality vegetable seedlings.


Roller benches

Roller benches in greenhouse


All processes in one multi-layer-controlled environment

The unique thing about this project is that germination, propagation, grafting and healing (after grafting) all take place in a multi-layer fully controlled environment, which is divided over 7 climate cells. Let’s start from the beginning. The seeding line can efficiently seed 600 trays per hour. After seeding, the plants are placed into CODEMA’s mobile benching system and transported into the climate cell to germinate.
After 2 days, when the plants are germinated, they will be transported into the greenhouse to propagate and grow into a vital plant, ready to be grafted. Nearly 3 weeks after sowing, the benches return from the greenhouse into the work area for the grafting process. Here the scion and rootstock will be combined into an even more robust plant. With an integrated grafting and seeding line, the highest quality of young plants can be reached. Besides, the automated benching system, in combination with the 7-layer climate cells ensures that all available space is used most efficiently.


Roll benches at Guangxi Tiangong

Roller benches at Guangxi Tiangong


Future of food safety is here

Groups of leaders and researchers from all over Guangxi visit the high-tech seedling production base on a daily base. Here they learn more about the deep integration and operation of all the advanced systems provided by CODEMA. The leaders speak highly about the new industrial development prospects of Guangxi Tiancheng Investment Group and support their diversified operation. ‘’This is an example for China, the future of food safety is here!’’


Need for strong starting material in Southern China

The entire system is designed in cooperation with the Guangxi University of Agricultural Sciences to meet the need for strong starting material in Southern China. CODEMA’s engineer Dai Chi tells enthusiastically about this project: ‘’Guangxi project adopts one of the most advanced logistics system technology of CODEMA, equipped with an advanced software control system. The whole system is automated, which saves labour force. Because the system uses the most advanced industry 4.0 technology, the equipment maintenance and operation are very simple, greatly simplifying the complex operation process from the past.
CODEMA has over 60 years of experience in automated systems for all types of crops, but this was the first young plant nursery that the CODEMA China team has realized with so little Dutch presence. We are proud that Chairman Luo Changlan has granted this project to CODEMA and we cooperate closely to make sure that all expectations are met, or rather, exceeded.


Groups of leaders and researchers from all over Guangxi visit the high-tech seedling production facility on a daily base.

Groups of leaders and researchers from all over Guangxi visit the high-tech seedling production facility on a daily base.


A better understanding of the practical application

Chairman Luo Changlan: The CODEMA team understands the needs of my company and me very well. Everything that could be technically possible has been realized. We are now entering the final stage of the project, and we are looking forward to fruitful long-term cooperation. Project Engineer Lu Jianxin adds: The CODEMA team not only brings high-end equipment but is also happy to share proven experience techniques. This gives us a better understanding of the practical application of this state-of-the-art logistics system and the operational support of various equipment.


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