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Nowadays, growers are making decisions based on Big Data. Therefore, Codema SDF has developed the DataWarehouse together with KP Holland. KP Holland and LKP Plants are experiencing initial results.

With the DataWarehouse, large amounts of calculated data can be accessed within a fraction of a second. Decisions are made faster, and based on better information.

The last decade, IT solutions had a major impact on horticulture. There have been made huge steps in the field of (digital) sales, management of staff, logistics solutions and climate control. All these systems result in large amounts of data.

In order to convert this data into useful information, there should be made a combination between data from multiple programs. For instance, you could explain why there is a dip in the quality by combining the data from the labor system with data from the climate computer.

With the DataWarehouse, Codema SDF now has the ability to provide data for this application.

At KP Holland, the internal network is used to show employee information.
Henk from KP Holland: “The DataWarehouse is a big improvement for us. In the past, our operational systems experienced inertia due to the large amounts of data that we collect. Now, the data is almost there before I press ‘enter’ and next to that, I am able to adjust my overview completely to my wishes. In these overviews, data from SDF is combined with data from other systems.”

At LKP, the overviews are designed externally based on the DataWarehouse
Robert van den Broek from LKP: “Labor standards, production numbers, memos and LKP related news will soon all be displayed in one overview. Each of our locations will receive information relevant for that specific location. When there will be a birthday in the near future, this will automatically appear on screens where the labor performances are also visible.”

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