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Schenkeveld: Water is the basis of your cultivation

In April 2017, Schenkeveld started the construction of a new location; Schenkeveld Schiphol. Codema is responsible for all water installations at this project. Schenkeveld and Codema have a close relationship that goes back for decades. Codema has realized the water technology for new construction projects of Schenkeveld already twice, once in Den Hoorn and once in Schipluiden.

Every drop of water is disinfected

” Water is the basis of your cultivation, that is why every drop of water is disinfected, says cultivation manager Arthur van der Meijs. ” All water flows are disinfected and treated with one device. The OptiClear Diamond of Water iQ disinfects rainwater, basin water, condensation water and drain water with a capacity of 100³ / hour. The drain water is treated with a capacity of 40 ³ / hour and discharged via the sewer.

We base our water supply on a weekly substrate analysis and gift analysis and a two weekly drain water and plant sap analysis. “Codema has designed the water installations especially for us. An automatic flush system has been installed to flush all pipes. By flushing the main pipe, the distribution pipes and all the drip hoses every day, every plant starts with fresh water every day. So no drop of water is wasted.”


”We want to be the best”

Arthur van der Meijs tells: ”At Schenkeveld we aim high”. With grow lights, we have an earlier crop rotation and this enables us to offer the best quality tomatoes all year round. We do not necessarily want to be the biggest tomato grower but we do want to be the best.”

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