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Codema Systems Group shares knowledge & intelligent technology with Chinese growers

Today, Chinese citizens have a greater demand for high quality and more varities of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Their purchasing power has increased, challenging is the Chinese horticultural industry to meet these demands; Not only for domestic consumption, but also for export in order to retain its flourishing economy.

Unique horticultural technologies by Codema and Hoogendoorn.
Dutch innovator in horticultural automation, Hoogendoorn Growth Management and supplier of greenhouse systems Codema, collaborate in providing Chinese growers with knowledge and intelligent technology.

‘Our aim is to empower growers to transform their company into a smarter greenhouse that is ready for todays and future challenges’.

An example of producing these unique horticultural technologies is the COFCO Wisdom Farm project at Liushihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. COFCO Farm is one of the most important projects in “China’s Beijing Agro-ecological Valley”. Multi-layer systems, water-saving technologies and automatic climate systems are a selection from the intelligent technologies which makes COFCO farm an unique project for other Chinese growers.

Transforming the horticulture industry requires a change of mind-set, a clear vision and the right tools and knowledge. Growers who use reliable, advanced Dutch technologies, not only use water, nutrients and energy in an efficient way but they also gain more insight into their crop and business processes. This helps them to increase their production and produce high quality products that contribute to food safety. As a result, businesses will become sustainable and profitable companies in the future.

Codema Systems Group shares knowledge & intelligent technology with Chinese growers from Codema Systems Group on Vimeo.

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