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Full automation at Aurora Sky: one of the largest medicinal cannabis companies of the world

Aurora is one of the largest medicinal cannabis cultivators in the world. Codema has designed, developed and delivered all automation solution for this impressive company.

Custom-made solutions ensure the best results

Codema designs, develops and delivers solutions for medicinal cannabis cultivation worldwide. Cannabis is grown on a variety of substrates in combination with ebb and flood floors or NFT systems. Also, various air distribution methods are used in the greenhouse. We are able to adjust our cultivation – and water management systems to achieve the best cultivation results. By working closely together and ensuring that we fully understand the grower we can design in a way that is best for his business.


Fast and efficient logistics

In the cannabis world, great importance is attached to the uniformity of cultivation. Uniformity can only be reached by automating processes. We design the systems in a way that ensures the most efficient use of your cultivation surface. Robots automatically ensure an even distribution of plants. They automatically place the cannabis plants on the container and these containers are automatically moved in the greenhouse and to the work area. In addition, automation ensures fewer people in the greenhouse and an improved workflow. There is less movement in the greenhouse, which minimizes the chance of contamination and also results little labor costs.


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Meeting high hygiene standards

Our water systems are mainly used in the cultivation of cannabis from which medicinal oil is made. The concentration of CBD and THC in this oil is important. In order to keep the concentration of CBD and THC at a constant and high level, hygiene is of great importance. Medicinal cannabis must therefore not contain pesticides, heavy metals, fungi or bacteria. This is strictly controlled. The containers are therefore well disinfected before being reused. These disinfection units use steam or disinfectant. Codema places disinfection units as part of your cultivation system. In addition, we design, develop and install pumps, water and fertilizer dosing systems and drip systems.


Track & trace gives complete insight

With our smart software you have complete control over your company and you will not be faced with surprises. For example, you can immediately see if there is a bad batch, where it is located and how that has happened. You can also monitor the amount of plants that have been potted and harvested.

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