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The following case studies provide detailed success stories on various clients in multiple industries and markets. See the expertise and value that Codema provides.

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Cresco is expanding multi-layer cultivation test setups with Codema

On a road in a horticultural area in Honselersdijk, we find the family-run company Cresco. The Prins family has been growing cresses for wholesale and retail for four generations. Cresses are freshly germinated plants, such as garden cress and water cress. We are talking to two generations from the Prins family. They tell about their company and their first experience with the test setup for multi-layer cultivation, which Codema developed and installed together with Signify.
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Watch the video about the impressive project of the Chinese horticultural company Zhongnong Futong

The Chinese horticultural market is developing at a rapid pace and is increasingly adopting Dutch technology. This video shows the cooperation with Viscon and Hoogendoorn in the project for the Chinese greenhouse company Futong, located in Xingtai city, in the northern Hebei province.
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Steiner: a showcase for sustainability in the vegetable sector

In 2014, the Austrian family-owned company Steiner started growing high-quality produce in Kirchweidach in Bavaria in an entirely sustainable manner. They constructed a greenhouse complex covering 11.8 hectares, in which different varieties of tomatoes and peppers are grown for the local market. Their fresh produce is only available in supermarkets in Bavaria. In 2016, Steiner added a further 7.8 hectares in record time and last year also constructed another 6 hectares for the organic cultivation of cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. Since Steiner wants to use every drop of water, they opted for a completely closed irrigation system. Codema designed, developed and installed an irrigation system in which all the water is recirculated. In addition, Codema made sure that all of Steiner’s greenhouse systems are seamlessly connected to each other.
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Smit Kwekerijen rolls out automatic ordering system

Collaboration between Codema SDF and Smit Kwekerijen comes to fruition
Dutch-based plant nursery Smit Kwekerijen has launched its Codema SDF automatic ordering system that syncs orders from different production sites and packing areas into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Smit Kwekerijen teamed up with horticultural automation producer Codema SDF to eliminate the bottlenecks in their ordering process which results from eight different production sites and over twenty packing areas within the company.
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Neurather Gärtner halves electricity consumption with solutions from Codema

In 2010, four entrepreneurs founded the company Neurather Gärtner GbR in Grevenbroich, Germany. Neurather Gärtner produces cocktail tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, snack tomatoes and small plum tomatoes in the high-taste segment for the regional market, i.e. within a radius of 150 kilometers. The company’s goal is to grow produce in a completely CO2-free manner. Green electricity is used for the lighting, while the greenhouses are heated by waste heat from a local power plant.
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On zero emissions and direct liquid fertilizer dosing at BASF in Nunhem

About ten years ago, the idea arose at BASF Vegetable Seeds in Nunhem to have a high tech development facility under its own management in the long term. The plan was called Greenex, which stands for Greenhouse Expansion. The first phase involved the construction of 2.5 ha greenhouses and 1.7 ha supporting facilities.
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OK Plant: Dashboards help us to cooperate more closely with customers

In horticulture in the Netherlands, there is ever-increasing attention to the digitalization of processes. With the data that is collected, businesses gain insight into production, stock, labor and planning. OK Plant uses Codema SDF software and analyzes the collected data to gain insight into their daily operations. The goal is to allow management decision-making to be better considered and to be of better service to customers. Since recently, OK Plant has been using SDF Datawarehouse to present the data visually during internal meetings or in discussions with customers. Thijs van der Valk, Manager at OK Plant, explains in the video how they do this.
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