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The following case studies provide detailed success stories on various clients in multiple industries and markets. See the expertise and value that Codema provides.

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Efficiënt irrigation for blueberry grower Schrijnwerkers

Schrijnwerkers is a blueberry company, founded in 1969 by Rob Schrijnwerkers. Nowadays, this family business has locations in Horst, Overloon (Netherlands), and Weeze (Germany). Schrijnwerkers has two production sites in Weeze of over 75 hectares together. The companies in Germany are known by the name Blueberry Giant and Valckx-Schrijnwerkers.

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Earlier strawberry crop and year-round production with LED toplighting

Brookberries, is one of the first strawberry growers in the Netherlands that chooses Philips GreenPower LED toplighting to move to an earlier crop and year-round production. The company gradually equipped all its locations with LED flowering lamps from 2012 onwards. Codema B-E de Lier has carried out the installation of the LED toplighting at Brookberries.
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Gebrüder Meier: Returns of mobile gutter system exceeds our expectations

Fritz Meier from Gebrüder Meier Gemüsekulturen AG in Dällikon, Switzerland, runs a a horticultural company together with his brother and sister. It’s about 100 hectares of open fields and 10 hectares of greenhouses. They grow cucumber, tomato and eggplant in the warm greenhouse, and in the cold greenhouse there is corn lettuce, radish and for the past year, hydroponic lettuce on mobile systems. They have been working with Codema for the irrigation technology for nine years. When they decided to install a mobile gutter system, they asked Codema for help again. The returns of their new mobile gutter system exceeded their expectations.
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Perry van der Haak: automation at the highest level

Perry van der Haak is a family owned business that produces young geranium cuttings for the European market. They own 20 hectares of mother plant production in Africa. In the Netherlands, Perry van der Haak has two locations; one of 2 hectares and a new location with more than 3 hectares. Codema designed, developed and delivered the entire cultivation system for their new location.
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Underground water buffer next to soccer stadium

An underground water buffer will be installed under Spartaplein, the square around the Kasteel stadium, home to Dutch soccer club Sparta. This buffer will collect, filter and store rainwater deep underground. The rainwater harvested in this way will be used to irrigate the soccer field in the stadium.
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Codema Systems Group shares knowledge & intelligent technology with Chinese growers

Today, Chinese citizens have a greater demand for high quality and more varities of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Their purchasing power has increased, challenging is the Chinese horticultural industry to meet these demands; Not only for domestic consumption, but also for export in order to retain its flourishing economy.
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Nowadays, growers are making decisions based on Big Data. Therefore, Codema SDF has developed the DataWarehouse together with KP Holland. KP Holland and LKP Plants are experiencing initial results.
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