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Biodegradable cutting and seed plug Growcoon extremely suitable for CMGS system

Published by CODEMA, 23 April 2021

The biodegradable growth and seed plug Growcoon is extremely suitable for hydroponic cultivation techniques, such as gutter and float systems. Together with Klasmann Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products, CODEMA is working on an optimal Growcoon solution for its own CMGS system.

The biodegradable growth and seed plug Growcoon has been proving itself for some time in hydroponic cultivation systems. Particularly in the cultivation of herbs and leafy vegetables, the growing medium contributes to a good end product. The development of the Growcoon continues. The goal is a plug with reduced amount of substrate in hydroponics. For this, tests are taking place at The Green East in Raalte, a green campus where people are working on the circular economic future of the agri and food business.

CMGS system from CODEMA

As a producer of the CMGS system, CODEMA is happy to contribute to the further development of the sustainable growth medium, the Growcoon. “In addition to technical aspects of cultivation, The Green East also looks for an optimal price / quality ratio. A good return also counts, “said Roeland van Dijk – Sales Manager at CODEMA. “We welcome this research. The first results on the gutters are very promising. Many aspects are important for our customers. Increasing the productivity and quality of the crop, but also saving water and fertilizers are important factors. We are happy to provide input based on our knowledge and experience. In this way, we work together on an optimal combination that contributes to a circular economy in the horticultural sector “.

Development of biological cutting and seed plugs

Maan Biobased Products is the developer and producer of the Growcoon, the biodegradable cutting and sowing plug, which, according to the developers, gives the plant ‘optimal space to grow naturally’. Growcoon was launched in 2015 and is part of Maan’s specialization in Smart Biodegredable Products.

The Growcoon is exclusively available worldwide from Klasmann-Deilmann, the international partner for the Growcoon. An important agreement within the collaboration is that the Growcoon can be used in combination with any desired substrate.

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