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Subsurface water solution for a climate proof fresh water supply

Published by CODEMA, 20 June 2016

Subsurface Water Solutions for a climate-proof freshwater supply - Featured speaker @GreenTechAmsterdam2016

Gideon de Jager and Koen Zuurbier have been speaking together during GreenTech Amsterdam 2016 about the mismatch between water availability and demand is one of world’s biggest current and future challenges.

Especially in areas with a large rainfall variation, water users face in the problem of storing sufficient available water. The immense volumes of water to be stored simply put too much strain on aboveground land. Additionally, brackish water desalination via reverse osmosis is often considered unsustainable due to the accompanying production of brine. A more strategic way of securing freshwater availability is enlarging and protecting freshwater resources underground in aquifers via Subsurface Water Solutions. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) is an example of such a dedicated technique to strategically store large freshwater volumes, generally without negatively impacting the water quality. In order to be able to abstract practically unmixed freshwater from aquifers bearing brackish or saline groundwater upon storage, optimization of the infiltration and abstraction wells is vital. By making optimal use of the underground’s potential, one can achieve a better match between water supply and demand.

The advantages of Subsurface Water Solutions are:
• Saving above-ground space:
• Robustness
• Cost-effectiveness
• Sustainability

Missed this session?

No worries, the presentation of this session will be uploaded and present state-of-the-art technologies and insights in the field of fresh (irrigation) water supply, based on the combination of decades of knowledge development and experience in the irrigation and drinking water supply. The presentation will give you insight about the potentials of the subsurface  freshwater management.

Presentation Codema KWR Greentech 2016

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