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Waste water treatment

Water disinfection in horticulture has been developed for both pre-treatment and post-treatment of rainwater, surface water and drain water. This provides you with savings in water, fertilisers and energy. The system uses low-pressure UV-disinfection.

Codema’s LD-UV units let you disinfect both large and small quantities of water using UV light. A unique property of our system is that it can render moulds, bacteria, eelworms and viruses inactive; even specific viruses. These micro-organisms die because the system alters their DNA. Because the system is fully-automated and protected, water disinfection using Codema’s LD-UV Unit is reliable and controlled. The temperature of the water remains virtually unchanged during the process, and the composition of the nutrients and pH level are untouched. The effectiveness of our units has been proven by many clients worldwide.