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Misting & Fogging Systems

In addition to improving air humidity, high pressure fog systems also cool the ambient temperature. These systems can produce a decrease in temperature of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius. By introducing fog into the greenhouse, the fog will evaporate in a warm environment. Evaporating water consumes energy. This energy is extracted from its environment by the evaporating fog. In this way, the ambient temperature in a greenhouse will experience a substantial drop.

High pressure fog therefore not only benefits the quality of your crop, it also produces energy cost savings. In addition, it improves the light input in many greenhouses, because, for example, it is no longer necessary to chalk the roof.

The operating pressure of the high pressure fog system is between 70 and 120 bar. This enormous pressure, combined with special stainless steel nozzles, generates extremely fine fog consisting of 1 micron droplets. The key benefit of these extremely small droplets is that they quickly evaporate and therefore do not fall down onto the crop.