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The following case studies provide detailed success stories on various clients in multiple industries and markets. See the expertise and value that Codema provides.

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Perry van der Haak: automation at the highest level

Perry van de Haak is a family owned business that produces young geranium cuttings for the European market. They own 20 hectares of mother plant production in Africa. In the Netherlands, Perry van de Haak has two locations; one of two hectares and a new location with more than 3 hectares. Codema designed, developed and delivered the entire cultivation system for their new location.
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Underground water buffer next to soccer stadium

An underground water buffer will be installed under Spartaplein, the square around the Kasteel stadium, home to Dutch soccer club Sparta. This buffer will collect, filter and store rainwater deep underground. The rainwater harvested in this way will be used to irrigate the soccer field in the stadium.
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Codema Systems Group shares knowledge & intelligent technology with Chinese growers

Today, Chinese citizens have a greater demand for high quality and more varities of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Their purchasing power has increased, challenging is the Chinese horticultural industry to meet these demands; Not only for domestic consumption, but also for export in order to retain its flourishing economy.
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Nowadays, growers are making decisions based on Big Data. Therefore, Codema SDF has developed the DataWarehouse together with KP Holland. KP Holland and LKP Plants are experiencing initial results.
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Plant Collect

Plant Collect delivers a total assortment of house- and garden plants to a growing group of garden centers and wholesalers.
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The largest garden- and decoration center of Belgium is located in the city Moeskroen. With more than 23000m² you will find a tremendous choice of divers plants, flowers and season decoration products.

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Garden Centre “De Bosrand”

Garden centre “De Bosrand” has been founded in 1980 at Wassenaar and originally started as a bulb grower. As the company grows, the founders started wholesaling their products what lead to retailing as well.
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SESVanderHave is a unique sugar beet seed company, committed to making sugar beet growing and sugar production a healthy business. Through responsive research, teamwork and partnerships, they are able to offer reliable seed solutions for the sugar beet industry and growers. In every potential sugar beet area of the world.
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Sundrop Farms

Sundrop Farms, Australia, 2015


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Gipmans Planten

Gipmans, The Netherlands, 2016
300.000 m2
With a cultivation area with approxiamtly 64 football fields, Gipmans Planten in Venlo has a range of diverse types of vegetable plants and herbs.
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KP Holland Hoge Noordweg

KP Holland, Hoge Noordweg, Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, 2011

40.000m2 of total area 160.000m2
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Vivaio Peters

Wim Peters, the Netherlands, 2015

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Wim Scheers, Belgium, 2018

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Maes Wilfried, Belgium, 2010

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Langemead Group

Mr. Langmead, Spain 2014, UK 2015

Spain 12.000m2
UK 27.000m2

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Genesis Premium Herbs

Tzahi Mordehay, Israel, 2014

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Gebroeders Delissen, the Netherlands, 2010

80.000m2 growing area
6000m2 multi layer grower chambers

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Weboma Ontwikkeling, The Netherlands, 2014-2016

88 houses
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Wageningen UR Unifarms

Wageningen UR, the Netherlands, 2016
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NAK Tuinbouw

NAK Tuinbouw, the Netherlands, 2016
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