Higher Operation Efficiency

By building essential, custom-made horticulture solutions, we can solve most of your issues. We can increase your operating efficiency by applying our extensive experience in the six essential disciplines: Water Management, Climate Control, Engineering & Construction, Cultivation Systems, Power & Lighting, and Software & Web Solutions.


Design, Develop, Deliver

By empathizing with our partners, who will be using our solutions for decades, we can really understand them. Through co-creating, and working according to our methodology “design-develop-deliver”, we share our horticultural knowledge and skills. This is how we can innovate and deliver sustainable products and services. According to our clients, we are understanding and reliable.


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16 January 2017

EfficeKweker update

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12 January 2017

Maarten de Jager te gast bij het journaal van nlgroeit

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13 December 2016

Urban Waterbuffer

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The 14th edition of HortiContact will take place on 14-15-16 February.

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